A case for sharing all your works of written art

When I first joined Medium two years ago, I was caught up in this fantastic whirlwind of being a writer.

A real-quick history of Mike for context; I worked a tedious factory job. I discovered and became a freelance writer. I found a love for writing. I wanted to become a writer for myself.

That’s when I discovered Medium.

No longer did I only have to ghostwrite for businesses, but I could share myself with the world. I had a place to share my opinions and experiences. I could take my thoughts and emotions and express them. …


There is such beauty in the art of creation.

There are few better feelings than getting drunk on the words of a novel you love. The sudden shifting of your entire perspective upon seeing a piece of art that touches something deep within you. Feeling the goosebumps ripple across your skin when listening to that wonderful song.

There are even fewer feelings better than creating something for yourself.

Writing is my poison of choice. Also my tonic.

There is little, if anything at all, like the rush of putting your head down to finding that moment of flow where words…

It’s easy to put so much pressure on yourself

First know I’m not going into some of those whazzy-jazzy (that’s a thing, right?) techniques on how to write the perfect first sentence to your book or article, how to structure it or impact your reader.

Figuring that out is the fun part of writing.

Instead, I’m here to talk about how to physically sit down and write your first sentence because God only knows that it can be the hardest thing in the world.

What do you write? How do you draw the reader in? How do you kick things off?

Sometimes it can feel like being told to…


A story about turning the page of your life to start a new chapter

I’m writing this post to milestone the launch of my new Medium series of articles I’m going to be churning out for the next however-long (hopefully the foreseeable future).

I’m titling it ‘The Pursuit of Something.’

For the longest time in my life, I’ve felt as though something’s been missing.

Up until the my early-20s, around the milestone of 23, everything was going fine.

I had just started freelancing and was starting to make money. I fell into Medium a year later and loved it. I was passionate and driven. I started to grow a following, peaking around the 1.1k…

Medium-wise, the article didn’t really take off, however…

I was a bit of a romantic-in-a-mess when I wrote my successful article.

In ‘love,’ had put all my eggs in one basket, and yeah, I basically had some stuff I was going through. I wasn’t making some very good choices, but in my loved-up, wide-eyed state of mind, I ended up writing this piece.

This was one of those spur-of-the-moment articles and over the last year, it’s become my most-read article.

Yet, Medium-wise, the article didn’t really take off.

To this day, it sits on 136 claps, a handful of highlights, and zero responses.


The New Freelancer’s Handbook

A guide for when you’re just getting started

As a freelancer or remote worker who’s new to the game, you know how hard it is to get clients to pick you up and give you a chance. Even though you’re taking the plunge and working for yourself, the same old employment parable plagues you.

You need the experience to work for us, but you need to work to get the experience.

That silly cycle.

But then again, can you blame businesses?

If you were a company looking for a web designer, are you going to spend your limited budget on someone who has little experience and you don’t…

Don’t chuck all your underwear, bar one pair, away just yet though…

You’ve heard of minimalism.

The shift in mindset that results in you throwing all your stuff away, right down the bare essentials where your home is as empty as your phone battery always seems to be, and you wash your pants daily because you own a single pair.

Why would you do that to yourself, you may ask. And that’s a good question.

When I first discovered minimalism, it was through the YouTuber Matt D’Avella, and in his videos explaining such reasons, he listed his favorite reasons for adopting the lifestyle. …

A note to self

I’m guilty of this. You’re guilty of this. We’re all guilty of this.

You wake up. Phone alarm’s buzzing. You turn it off. Without realizing, you’re 20 minutes to an hour deep into your Instagram feed or answering some weird Facebook quiz to see what kind of pizza you are.

I’m sick of it.

I feel like I’m wasting my life lying in bed watching cat videos and police officers taser someone because they refuse to pay the fine for having a taillight out. …

ethereal. beautiful. otherworldly.

Updated March 2021


French for ‘shivers’, is a term that describes the feeling of aesthetic chills, usually when listening to music.

If you’ve ever listened to a song and literally got goosebumps listening to it, you’ve experienced frisson. Those chills represent a total immersion to the experience of a song, usually lasts a few seconds, and can really make you feel.

I love it, and seek out opportunities to feel it because it’s such a unique experience, but I wanted a place collect all the music I find so I never forget it. Here it is. …

Take the opportunity to breathe

I, like hundreds of thousands of people around the world, have started to realize that yes, the Facebook network is down.

Facebook. Instagram. Whatsapp.

Our screens are blank. Feeds won’t refresh. Messages can’t be answered.

What are we going to do?


I sat on my phone for 20 minutes, constantly refreshing my feed so I could watch pointless content that doesn’t bring any value to my life before Googling the problem.

You don’t need these services to fill your time. Every time to reach over to refresh your feed, only to see it hasn’t loaded once more, use this…

Mike Arnold

Essays on life, creativity, freelancing, and perspective. Debut novella, I Escape Through You, out now! https://amzn.to/3mFJaGP

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